Pastor Steve Weller

Pastor Steve Weller grew up in a Christian home. Training in the essentials of the historic Christian faith was foundational for youngsters at Glendale Presbyterian Church where his Mother and Father served during the forties and fifties. Steve's dad, Harold Weller, was ordained as an Elder in 1949. Under Dad's leadership, Steve's early years of study and training in Biblical Christian Doctrine and Practice would prove invaluable in his pastoring of drug addicts and alcoholics. But not before years of dysfunction and danger as a practicing alcoholic and drug user. Surviving the circumstances of life on the streets as a heroin addict is no easy task. After many years of IV drug use resulting in severe physical and emotional damage, God intervened radically and opened the door to tough love confrontational recovery that would forever alter the course of Steve's life.

After sixteen years of Godly sober living, Steve and Regina serve as Pastors of Venice Foursquare Church and Directors of Addicts For Christ ministries. Pastor Steve holds an International Credential from the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and is an Alumnus of the Jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture.

Pastor Steve holds an International credential from the Int'l Church of the Foursquare Gospel, was ordained by the Foursquare Church September 27, 2005.


Venice Foursquare Church in Venice CA has an effective program for substance abuser led by a pastor who overcame an addiction to heroin and is spending his life helping others addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Addicts for Christ was founded in 1990 by the church’s senior pastor Rev. Steve Weller who uses his past as a former heroin addict and years of IV drug use as an example of the power of a spiritual transformation during a lifelong journey to lasting recovery. Imploring honest self-examination and using Bible based deliverance modules of prayer, he teaches the power of God’s grace in long term spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

“I know the hell addicts walk through, because I was once there myself,” he said. “Our meeting formats utilize the twelve steps of recovery from the Scriptures as did the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our recovery sessions are designed to provide an atmosphere of healing and nurture and we are seeing lives changed on a regular basis.”

Each Saturday evening, armed with Serenity Bibles for each participant, Weller conducts a meeting that includes an open dialogue in which those willing, share the challenges and victories of their past week. Newcomers can listen and take part as their emotional state permits. Participants share personal testimonies and speak frankly about their struggles as well as their accomplishments, all with the assurances of complete anonymity.

Recently one attendee’s problems with alcohol had separated him from his family, including a son he had not seen or spoke with for over 10 years. But when the son sent a graduation notice, he found the emotional strength to call and then traveled all the way for a reunion at his son’s high school graduation.

The Bible-based Twelve-Step recovery program includes biblical training, prayer, emotional support and the unvarnished honesty and transparency needed for recovery. It is open to all, regardless of race, creed or religious affiliation, though Steve prefers a private interview with all before their first meeting.

Pastor Weller holds an Ordination Credential from the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and is an Alumnus of the Jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture.

“We encourage you to prayerfully consider attending an Addicts for Christ recovery meeting,” Weller said. “A future of hope and promise leading to a fulfilling life is available to all. But if you want something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.”

The Gospel outreach ministry now known as Addicts For Christ began in 1990 strictly as a "pilot program." With permission from the director of a small live-in recovery house in Brentwood, CA, Steve Weller began a Bible based Twelve-Step study with the resident recovering drug addicts. Each Thursday evening, armed with Serenity Bibles for each participant, Steve would conduct an hour long meeting and target the first three steps towards spiritual recovery by introducing Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord! This "pilot program" would continue for five years.

Other organizations and groups that have benefitted from AFC ministry in past years include; Hope Chapel Venice, West Los Angeles Veteran's Housing Facility, Bimini House Los Angeles, Salvation Army Santa Monica, New Jerusalem Church in East Los Angeles, Good Shepherd Baptist Church Santa Monica, and Church of God Culver City. A meeting established at the Weingardt Center in downtown Los Angeles in 1992 was particularly fruitful. This Sunday afternoon meeting held in the 9th floor men's detox ward was marvelously graced by God with salvation & deliverance. We thank Him for the opening of these doors and many hearts for His healing unto His glory!