Venice Foursquare History

Venice Foursquare has a long and unusual history, rich in evangelism, healings, and assistance to the community.

The first Venice Foursquare service took place in a tent in April 1925, two years after Foursquare founder, Sister Aimee Semple McPherson, finished building Angeles Temple in Echo Park. After founding the first Christian radio station KSFG in February 1924, she set up speakers in several locations, including one in a Venice tent, making Venice Foursquare part of the first radio broadcast of the Gospel to multiple churches.

The tent and later churches in Venice and adjacent Venice Beach became known as the “Open Door Mission.” In 1925, Sister Aimee spoke during the first Venice Crusade at a hall next to the Venice Beach Sunset Pier . The mayor presented her with the keys to the city and some 500 showed up to hear her preach in a hall that seated 300, causing the overflow crowd to press against the windows to hear her message. The congregation moved to a hall at 1625 Washington Blvd. in 1927 and when McPherson came for the dedication, she noticed there was no places for the people to sit. She quickly donated $15 of her own funds to buy benches.

Under Pastor John Rensink, the church held a Sunday afternoon “street meeting” at the corner of Ocean Front and Market in Venice Beach, using a small organ to play hymns as congregation members sang and Rensink gave a message. When Sister Mildred Bovey took over as pastor the same year, she added to Sister Aimee’s patented “Illustrated Sermons” by doing her own. With a huge electric cross on the platform and the choir adding hymns, performers acted out Hebrews 12:1 becoming members the verse’s “cloud of witnesses,” the “Backslider, Temper, Worldly Pleasure and Self Righteousness. It ended with actors repenting of the sins they professed and laying their sins and themselves at the foot of the cross as the choir sang, “I am Coming Home.”

In 1928 the church moved to 905 Venice Boulevard where Pastor Victor M. Johnson started a food commissary and clothing ministry. The church chartered a trolley each Sunday afternoon and members and guests rode to Ocean Park and back, singing gospel songs and fellowshipping. When the depression hit in the early 1930s, then pastor Lewis Mocalis opened a commissary at 923 Electric Avenue that fed nearly 300 people each week. A group of 27 volunteers solicited donations of food, clothing and other goods from local merchants for distribution. Other volunteers procured free haircuts and sleeping rooms. Another team served as social service case managers, helping the jobless connect with the city’s social service agencies.

The growing church needed more room and on May 19, 1945, a year after Sister Aimee died, some 200 gathered to dedicate the new building that today is Venice Foursquare. Dr. Rolf McPherson, her son who became the long time Foursquare President joined church Pastor William LaMar and the congregation in a photo that graced the denomination’s famous “Bridal Call Magazine.” The church was the site for numerous revival meetings and was visited by Sister Aimee’s only other child, Roberta Semple. In 1948 Evangelist Bill Lucas preached and performed magic tricks during a youth revival that resulted in over 100 persons coming forward to accept Christ. In 1949 a two-week Holy Ghost revival led by Pastor William LaMar reported that 11 persons were miraculously healed.

Since its beginning in a tent in 1925 as the Open Door Mission, Venice Foursquare has been a community lighthouse, knowing for salvations, healings and outreach. Today the church’s charter, signed by Sister Aimee, hangs on the church office wall. Twenty-four pastors, including five women, have led the historic church, with Pastors Steve and Regina Weller becoming the 25th in 2004.

Compiled from information compiled by Foursquare Director of Archives and Data Management, Steve Zeleny

Pastor List

11925		Conrad, J.G.
1925-26	 	Hillstrom, Sister
1926		Davison, Merle & Leonard
1927		Rensink, John D.
1928		Bovee, Mildred
1928		Naylor, Nellie
1928		Ward, LaNelle
1929		Cardiff, James A.
1931		Dillon, Mrs. C. R.
1931-1932	Johnson, Victor
1933-1934	Moore, William J. & Della I.
1935		Wilhite, Russell & Maude
1936-1939	Martin, Emory
1940-1941	Wagner, Marie E. & Parker, Pauline
1942-1949	LaMar, William L. & Alice
1950-1954	Grace, Marion Ruth
1955-1965	Meyers, W. Dick & Edith
1966		Lannerd, Gerald
1967-1979	McClaflin, Lee & Lucille E.
1980-1984	Lyon, Edward G. Sr
1985		Woodman, David
1986-1988	Walczuk, Daniel               1400 Riviera Ave
(Venice was “closed” and Venice/Hope Chapel began using the property the property)
Venice/Hope Chapel 32080
1984-1999	Mallord, Robert J. & Lauri        1234 Pacific Ave
2000-2003	Bennie, Patrick M. & Roanna
2004+		Weller, Steve & Regina

For September 1924 PREACHING TO EIGHT CITIES SIMULTANEOUSLY A unique and wonderful privilege has been ours during the summer months, namely, that of preaching the Gospel to as many as eight large audiences in eight different cities at the same moment. ' Imagine standing before a small ' quiet looking microphone such as you see upon the pulpit on the cover of this issue, and being able to whole sale instead of retail the blessed Message of Salvation for the sinner and healing for the sick. How was this accomplished? you ask. Well, first there were the thousands assembled in the Temple you know. Then, there were the various tent meetings at Santa Ana, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Pasadena, Huntington Park and Alhambra, and in addition to these the Open Door Mission in Venice. In each of these places a congregation was assembled and a loud speaker attached to the radio receiving set. So there you have it! When a hymn number was given out in the Temple, the congregation in these various cities opened their hymnals to the same number; when the congregation in Los Angeles stood to their feet, the radio congregation rose also; when one sang, the other sang; when one repeated the Lord's Prayer, they all repeated it; when one was told to lift their hands, all lifted their hands; when one congregation was asked to wave their hanker chiefs, they all waved together; all listened to the same sermon, and the leaves of Bibles turned and rustled simultaneously in the various cities; when the Altar Call was given and hands were lifted for prayer in the Temple, hands were lifted around about the tent meetings also; when the aisles of the Temple were choked with men and women coming for ward to kneel in penitence at the Savior's feet, the aisles of the tents saw similar lines coming forward to bow at the foot of the Cross; when one congregation followed in verbal prayer "Lord be merciful to me a sinner," and ended with "Here and now I do publicly confess the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior," and rose to their feet singing "Happy Day," they all stood and made the chorus ring. Oh! 'twas a great experience and 'it came to us at the Temple not once but many times.

6/28/1925 Angelus Temple Bulletin ANOTHER ADDITION TO THE FOUR SQUARE FAMILY: The Open Door Mission of Venice which was opened and has been under the direction of Brother J. G. Conrad for fourteen months, has been officially united with the Branches of the Four square Echo Park Evangelistic Association. Services there will be conducted by our workers on Saturday evenings at 7:30 p. m. Sunday afternoons at 2:30 and Sunday evenings at 7:30. Brother Conrad has received his blessing through Sister McPherson's ministry while on the evangelistic field and is coming into membership with his family in the Angelus Temple. On Tuesday evening there will be a service for Christians and Bible study of the Sunday School lesson. On Thursday, Rev. McAdams of the Grace M. E. church will preach.

Aug 16, 1925 Sister McPherson speaking at the Venice Crusade 2103 Ocean Front at Sunset Pier 7:30 p. m. SISTER McPHERSON AT VENICE: Monday evening at 7:30 Sister McPherson is to journey to Venice to address the Foursquare congregation of that city. It is planned by the city officials to pre sent Sister with the keys of Venice at this time. There has been a wonderful awakening of spiritual interest in Venice, and the Lord is going to do marvelous things, we are sure, for the thousands who throng that city.

8/23/25 SISTER SHOT WHILE IN VENICE: If cameras were half as dangerous as they look, Sister McPherson would no longer be with us. When she visited the seaside city of Venice, on Monday evening last it seemed as though all the cameras in the country had come to Venice, and "shots" came from all sides. Venice, although used to the throngs that turn out to witness their fames bathing parades, was gravely alarmed when they saw a hall made to accommodate about 300 people, trying to hold some 3000. The hall was crowded to capacity and the people outside stood shoulder to shoulder and many rows deep, the ones in the front with their noses pressed so firmly against the plate glass that we wonder if they have ever regained their normal shape. Sister was accorded a royal welcome. The Mayor of the city presented her with the keys of Venice, and said that he hoped she would use them to unlock many hearts for the Lord in that city. The chief of police and many prominent city officials were seated upon the plat form during the service. The meeting was splendid and was keenly enjoyed, even by those standing outside. Sister McPherson's voice is so clear and penetrating that when she asked if they could hear her through the plate glass, every hand went up. The good work goes on! Every day some new city is opening its heart to receive the Foursquare Gospel! Who will be the next?

9/20/25 VENICE, Ocean Front, near Sunset Pier: Sister Hillstrom is in charge of the work and is getting along splendidly.

1/31/26 VENICE: Sister Hillstrom has been working for the Master in the hall on Center Street and Ocean Front, and states that there is a wonderful outlook, that souls are being saved, and all well.

5/16/26 A SOUL SAVED THROUGH RADIO KFSG: The Radio of Angelus Temple has accomplished many miracles during its short three years of existence. Thousands have been blessed, saved and healed; some in a most striking manner. The following letter from a brother living in Santa Monica reveals the most interesting way in which he found the Lord. "Dear Radio KFSG: On a Wednesday afternoon in July, 1923, the writer was walking on the promenade between Venice and Ocean Park. The boiling sun was beating down, causing one to lower his head as a protection from the rays of the sun; this in itself was an act of being humbled beneath God's great power. "A group of people was gathered on the sands in front of a small Radio store and above their heads a loud speaker was doing its best to be heard above the roar of the ever pounding Pacific Ocean. Radio in itself did not interest me very much at this particular time, and I was about. to pass by when the words came to' me from a sweet voice, clear and distinct, leading what seemed to be thou sands of voices, "Since Jesus Came into My Heart." I stopped and wished in my own heart that I could sing that song and really mean it. "Such wonderful singing I managed to find a place to sit down within hearing distance of the loud speaker and determined within my self to find out where such sweet music was coming from. Then came the announcement, `Radio KFSG, the Angelus Temple, Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, broadcasting a Divine Healing service. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.' Following this was a wonderful service telling how Jesus was ready to save sinners and to heal the sick and afflicted if they would only seek Him. This sermon coming from the lips of a woman was more than I could stand and I immediately booked myself for a visit to the Angelus Temple, convinced that there was something there that I needed and that there was a place in the world where the real true Gospel was being preached. "The following Sunday night found me in almost the last seat in the top balcony. Beautiful songs that were being sung from the very depths of thousands of people more than convinced me that this place was truly a place of God. There were so many smiles, handshakes and `God bless you's' a11 over the Temple. "Sister McPherson preached a sermon that couldn't help but touch the very hardest of hearts, both old and young, and when the altar call was given there flowed down the aisles enough people to fill an ordinary church. They sought salvation, taking their burdens to the foot of the Cross and asking Jesus to for give them. I was under conviction. Satan tried to hold me back, but God kept dealing with me and before I knew it I was going down the steps two at a time lest I should be too late. I accepted Jesus as my own personal Savior and have been praising God ever since for Radio KFSG which brought me to Him. Faithfully yours, W. E. Entwistle."

10/17/26 VENICE Ocean Front......Mr. and Mrs. Davison

12/9/26 The work in Venice has settled down in earnest. Recently it was decided that it was better to locate in residential district, so they went on ~ missionary trip to find a home, praying. They secured a hall at a reasonable rental end immediately announced a dedication service. The hall resounded with prayer and .praise and words of rejoicing, as it was dedicated to the service of the Lord. The next thing was to get benches. "What's the difference," someone said, "if we don't have benches? We can stand up and worship the Lord as they did in the clays of Ezra. We can pray and praise and preach with out benches.' However, a sister was led to make a donation of $15; lumber was purchased, and on a rainy afternoon the men of the church came, and made the benches as they sang and prayed and testified of the power of the Lord. Everybody rejoiced. The faster the rain fell outside, the more lusty was their singing and the more copious were the showers of the blessings inside. The result was that ere Sun day dawned there were benches pre pared for the worshipers. People have asked how the Four square Gospel Churches are started. This is a typical, example. The pastor in charge of the Venice branch, Mrs. Merle N. Davison, was formerly a teacher in a Los Angeles school, and is a graduate of I. I. F. E. Brother Davison is a business man and is now attending the evening Bible school. With this new home and the wonderful spirit being displayed, we predict a real revival for this beach district.

1/29/27 VENICE. Bro. and Sister Leonard R. Davison wish to take this opportunity publicly to thank the Venice congregation for their kindness and love while in the pastorate of this Branch, also other churches who assisted materially and spiritually. Having gotten the church upon a good foundation, souls being saved, new members added each week, and an on fire group of young Crusaders, Bro. and Sister Davison find it necessary to work in other parts of the Master's Vineyard. They express joy at being able to turn this Branch over to one so worthy as Bro. John B. Rensink, who was heartily welcomed by the congregation Sunday, January 9.

3/27 VENICE NEWS The Foursquare Gospel has gone on with renewed effort in the little beach town of Venice under the direction of one of the senior students, John Rensink. The hall, located at 1625 Washington Boulevard, is very comfortable and cheery and the congregation is well pleased with its new pastor. Every Sunday afternoon, a street meeting is held on Ocean Front, where thousands of people spend their time enjoying the concessions. But they stop and listen as they pass by, to the songs and testimonies of the various students who go down to witness for their Lord. As the music from the small organ floats out upon the air, many a person stops and wipes away a tear from his eye as he listens to the songs so typical of the Old Time religion. Meetings are held during the week every Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday and twice on Sunday with Sunday School at 9:45 in the morning. The Sunday School is growing in leaps and bounds and many young people are becoming interested in the work. To any one living in the vicinity of Venice is extended a hearty welcome and invitation to come and worship with a people who truly love God.

3/26/27 VENICE The Foursquare Church at Venice has just completed a two week campaign resulting in new members being admitted to the church and souls won for the Lord. In placing posters , for the revival, Brother Rensink, the Pastor, was impressed with the courtesy he received from the business men of the city of Venice, as they showed great interest in the Four square work. The street meetings, held at 4:15 every Sunday afternoon, at the corner of Ocean Front and Market street, are attracting much attention. A large number of people have come to the regular church meetings, as a result of these street gatherings. Venice Branch' wants to thank the members and friends who have assisted m making the campaign a success.

5/28/27 Graduates Speak Out NEED OF MORE KNOWLEDGE "I had previously been interested in the Full Gospel Church until I heard of Angelus Temple, then I came down from Washington to Los Angeles. I had been working in the lumber camps, where I tried to tell the people of Jesus Christ, where I noon realized my need of more knowledge that I may impart the Word of God to them with more light. God has so blessed me in giving we the pastor ship of the Venice branch." JOHN RENSINK.

6/11/27 List of branch churches and their pastors . . . Venice, Mrs. Mildred Bovee

6/18/27 IT PAYS TO ILLUSTRATE A new venture in the way of an illustrated message given by Sister Mildred Bovey, pastor, of the Venice Branch, proved to be a great success in bringing souls to the altar at a recent meeting. Sister Bovey had never before given an illustrated message, but having been asked several times by members of the congregation she consented to do so. A great electric Cross was erected on the platform and a11 who had burdens and weights brought them to the foot of the cross. The text was chosen from Heb. 12:1: "Wherefore, seeing we are en compassed by so great a crowd of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race which is set be fore us." The sinner came in with his weights of temper, worldly pleasures, and 'a11 his Bins, laying them down at the Cross in real repentance and heart searching. Then came a neglectful mother who had never told her girl about salvation. The self righteous man and backslider were also present and found that their self righteousness was as filthy rags in the white light of God's own righteousness and holiness. At intervals between the entrance of the different. types of humanity songs were sung, such as, "The Ninety and Nine," and "I am Coming Home." The altar call was given and four souls were gloriously saved, and one convert healed right at the altar while seeking salvation. Sister Fredericka Roettger, a recent graduate is doing a real work among the German people at Venice and is beloved by a11. She is opening up the scriptures to ~ them and the Lord is blessing.

8/24/27 ACTIVITIES AT VENICE BRANCH Mrs. Mildred Boree, pastor of the Venice Branch of Angelus Temple reports extensive activity among the members of her congregation in the work they are doing for the Lord. August 11, the Venice Branch opened a campaign with Evangelist L. V. Roberts conducting meetings. The Spirit of God was manifest and everyone attending proclaimed it a wonderful success. Sick bodies have been touched by the mighty. healing hands of God, and hungry people have been fed in great abundance through the teaching of the Word of Sister Bores. The little pastor is being assisted in her work by a capable force of workers, a11 consecrated to the Lord's service, giving time, energy and money to further the cause of Christianity.

12/28/27 Roberta Star Semple embarks on her evangelistic campaigns be ginning the first of the year, after discontinuing her travels from branch to branch during the holiday season. Her itinerary for January includes Ontario, January 8; Covina, January 15, and Venice, February 12.

5/30/28 Venice Welcomes New Pastor As Sister Mildred Bovee, who has been pastor Of the Venice Lighthouse for the past year has launched out Into the evangelistic field, Mrs. Nellie Naylor was recently unanimously voted to fill the pastorate Sister Naylor has had a varied experience in the Lord's work having been assistant Pastor at the North Hollywood Lighthouse for the past several months, also leader of the Sunshine Orchestra at Angelus Temple. Four members of the Venice Church received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in the past week, and other hungry hearts are looking to the Lord for this wonderful blessing. There is a beautiful spirit of unity among the members and with the support already shown the new pastor, great things are anticipated in the Beach City for the future.

7/25/28 VENICE BRANCH IN NEW HOME The Venice Branch of the Foursquare Church has moved Into it's new location In the hall at 905 and 907 Venice Boulevard. This branch Is in charge of Sister Nellie Naylor and is growing steadily. Good crowds are in attendance and the People of Venice show a real interest in the work.

9/12/28 VENICE, CALIF., 905-907 Venice Blvd. Pastor, LaNelle Ward.

4/3/29 Successful Meetings At Venice Calif. Gideon O. DeMerchant just closed a two weeks' revival campaign at the Venice Foursquare Gospel Lighthouse. The meetings were greatly blessed. God healed the sick and hearts found Salvation. The evangelist's message was very inspiring and souls were built up in faith to trust God for greater things. Brother De Merchant left for a campaign in Roseville, Calif. The People of Venice are looking to God for great things and are thanking Him for better unity and a real spirit of fellow ship among God's p e o p 1 e. Brother James A. Cardiff is the pastor in charge of the Venice Foursquare Gospel Lighthouse.

5/20/1931 In the absence of Mrs. C. R. Dillon, pastor of the Venice Four square Church, Rev. Victor M. Johnson is occupying the pulpit.

6/3/31 REVIVAL SCHEDULE AT VENICE Under the direction of Rev. Victor Johnson, a special revival is to start Sunday, June 7, at the Venice Foursquare Branch, and will last about two weeks. Those who desire to assist in the campaign may make application through the Branch Church Office.

7/1931 Victor M. Johnson Pastor Venice, California, Foursquare Church

7/1/31 Venice Church Front Crushed in Accident A week ago, on June 23rd, a car being driven at the rate of about seventy miles per hour, according to bystanders who witnessed the accident, crashed into the front of the building in which the Venice church of the Foursquare Gospel has been holding its meetings. The whole front of the church was destroyed and the car was wrecked, but the man who was in the car was not injured in any way, for which all are thankful. Rev. Victor M. Johnson is the pastor of the Venice Foursquare church and is conducting meetings in a large apartment which has been furnished him. He says that He is thankful to God that there were no meetings going on in the church at the time of the accident and that no one was hurt although there was considerable property damage. The driver of the car carried insurance, which will cover the damages. It really is a miracle that no one was hurt.

8/26/31 300 Ministrations in Venice Commissary In Two Weeks The Lord truly is blessing in the Venice, Calif., church of the Four square Gospel, of which Victor M. Johnson is the pastor. Souls are being saved and the name of the Lord is being glorified. Recently a food commissary was started in the church, but so many calls came in for clothing, also, that they have added another department to their work among the poor and needy. Food and clothing are collected several times each week, and the needy ones come for the things they need. Over 300 ministrations are recorded during the first two weeks of the existence of this department of the church. The church building has recently been remodeled and a new cement floor has been put in. Each Sunday at 1.00 p. m. a jail meeting is held in Venice, and at 5.00 p. in. each Sunday a beach tramcar is chartered and, laden with enthusiastic members and young people, goes from Venice to Ocean Park and back, the group ringing gospel choruses and making announcements of the meetings.

10/7/31 279 Fed Daily By The Venice Church's Commissary Most Remarkable Work Being Done in Bay District; Many Cooperating The Venice, California, Chinch of the Foursquare Gospel, which is pastored by Rev. Victor M. John son, is doing a mighty work in their vicinity through their commissary. Two hundred and seventy nine people are fed daily, and a most efficient manner of handling the cases and of receiving the necessary donations make of this one of the outstanding commissary works in the Foursquare Gospel Movement. The Commissary was established by the pastor, rind organized by Lewis Mocalis, the general manager, and operates under the authority of the church boat d, all of the workers serving without salary. Other workers include Broth er Farrington, bookkeeper, Sister Bertha Farrington, investigator, Sister Mocalis and Sister Alice Gilioy, office workers, Sister Rhoda, spiritual and social worker, Brother and Sister Schoonover, solicitors, and Sisters Hamilton, Robinson, and Van Gundy, distributors. The solicitors carry with them information cards from the Social Service Commission of the City of Los Angeles They make daily trips on regular routes to collect food and clothing. The Commissary is now feeding daily fifty nine families, consisting of 134 adults and 145 children, a total of two hundred and seventy nine. A complete record is kept of all donations received and of all given out to the needy. A close contact is kept with the county welfare department to avoid duplication of cases. All are cordially invited to visit the Venice Commissary at 923 Electric Ave., Venice, between the hours of 2 and 6 P. M. Merchants in Beverly Hills, Culver City, Ocean Park, Santa. Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles and Westwood are gladly assisting in this great work and making possible the caring for so many poor and needy in this time of depression. A total of sixty two stores, markets, bakeries, and an ice com pany and a water company supply the food for this great undertaking. Regardless of race, creed, or color, whosoever is in need finds aid in the Venice Commissary. People of the following church profession,; are at present on the list of those who are receiving aid: Foursquare, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Full Gospel, Pentecostal, Christian, Congregational, Highland Temple, Nazarene, and no church profession at all. People living in Venice, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Playa Del Rey and Palms are receiving daily sustenance from the Commissary of the Venice Church of the Foursquare Gospel. All donations of food and clothing are gladly received. They will be called for upon telephoning Santa Monica 61093 any time during the day.

11/18/31 VENICE COMMISSARY IS FEEDING OVER 500 PEOPLE DAILY The Venice Foursquare Church is doing an increasingly wonderful work in the aid of the unemployed. By the end of December are hoping to be feeding one thousand people each month. Ten people have been saved through the commissary ministry in addition to those saved in the church meetings. Venice now has a new commissary building adjoining the church property which is divided into grocery and clothing departments. They also have a garage where they repair the cars of the unemployed that they may have some means of seeking work. In the building they were using they are installing a barbershop and fitting up sleeping rooms. The former grocery room will be arranged for use as a dining room. Victor M. Johnson pastor of the church is cooperating with Louis Mocalis who is at the head of this work. Assisting him are twenty seven workers, all of whom do their work without salary. In other news a new heating system is being installed in the Venice Church which will be a blessing in the coming months. Each Sunday night the Garberb Orchestra plays for the meeting. From one hundred to one hundred and fifty attends the Sunday night meetings.

3/1/33 Venice – William Moore pastor

11/7/34 The Bay District Foursquare Crusaders held their rally Monday evening, October 28th, at the Venice, California, Foursquare Church. Rey. and Mrs. Russell Wilhite are pastors.

1/9/35 Victory Ahead In Venice. Venice, Calif. Under the ministry of Rev. and Mrs. Russell Wilhite, the Four square Church of this city is marching forward for Christ. With 12 souls saved and 9 baptized in the Holy Spirit, the report for the last month is very encouraging, according to the pastors.

3/27/35 Venice, Calif. Revival fires are burning at the Foursquare Gospel Church here according to the report of the pastors, Rev. and Mrs. Russell Wilhite. An unbroken week of prayer services was followed by two weeks of evangelistic effort. Mrs. Emery Martin, evangelist, has been assisting.

6/17/36 Venice Foursquare Church, pastored by Sister Emory Martin.

7/43 VENICE FOURSQUARE SUNDAY SCHOOL Under the leadership of Rev. and Mrs. Wm. LaMarr, pastors of the Foursquare Church at 1130 West Washington Blvd. The Sunday School is steadily increasing, and the above picture was taken in April.

9/43 VENICE, CALIFORhIIA Chalk up another spiritual victory for the Venice Foursquare Church! This enterprising church so capably pastored by Rev. and Mrs. William LaMarr reports. this time on their Daily Vacation Bible School. They anticipated 60 youngsters on opening session, but just to show once again that God blesses us over and above our own faith the count was 80 the first day. The la test report from the LaMarrs at press time is that 135 were in attendance with enthusiasm running high in the belief that this mark will also be eclipsed. Climax of the D.V.B.S. effort will come .on Thurs day, August 19, with a program in which many of the youngsters who attended will participate. Prizes will go to those who did outstanding work, symbolic of the spiritual awards which God will make to a11 who were faithful.

7/44 Rev. and Mrs. Wm. LaMarr are doing a very commendable work as pastors of our growing church in Venice. They have just recently started issuing an attractive church bulletin, which is being well received. The following spiritual blessings and activities have been reported. There have been from one to three people at the altar for salvation the past five Sundays, and one young man was filled with the Spirit. Several young folks have entered our fine Bible College, one having received a missionary call to China. God has been blessing the newest activity of the church, namely, a street meeting at the heart of the entrance to the Venice pier! One Sunday there were twenty hands raised for prayer, and on another Sunday one man knelt in public for salvation. The Venice pastors and people are rejoicing over numerous other gracious blessings from the Lord.

12/45 Venice has started building a lovely new church. Rev. Wm. La Marr, pastor.

2/46 Venice, a lovely church building now ready for stucco

8/46 Venice The beautiful new church home of the Venice Foursquare Church was opened and dedicated May 19, by Dr. and Mrs. Rolf K. McPherson. The stucco building is finished in white, seats 300, has a balcony, Crusader chapel, nursery, baptistery, a lovely set of platform drapes, and boasts of a public address system. A magnificent 9' x 12' oil painting of the Jordan River and portrait of Christ (life size), has been donated and will grace the baptistery when artist A. S. M. Toyra has completed the work. God's blessing has been on the Venice church, both spiritually and financially, in a wonderful manner, under the four year ministry of Rev. and Mrs. William LaMarr, pastors.

Ministers, members and friends attending dedicatory service of Venice Foursquare Church. First row, slightly left of center, are Dr. and Mrs. Rolf McPherson, and Rev. and Mrs. William LaMar, pastors of the Venice Church.

6/47 Venice Victory Evangelists Lloyd and Mary Johnson conducted a two week revival which is still progressing. Campaign saw 6 saved, 6 baptized in water, attendance of 1,346, and an Easter Sunday school record of 198 members in attendance! Rev, and Mrs. William La Mar are the pastors.

6/48 "Gospel Story Teller' Wins Children for Christ Evangelist Bill Lucas concluded a recent successful youth revival at the Venice Foursquare Church, Rev. William Lamar reports. The average attendance during the afternoon children's meetings was 115. The evening attendance averaged 105. One hundred children and young people came forward for salvation. Rev. Lucas brings the gospel to the children by the means of the Story Hour Gang, and illustrates his lessons by the gospel in magic.

5/49 Victories in Venice Rev. Wm. La Mar writes concerning a splendid two week Holy Ghost revival in the Venice church with Rev Floyd Layman, pastor' of the Foursquare Church of Visalia. Five were saved, five filled with the Spirit, and eleven healed. One man, afflicted twenty years with asthma, was loosed immediately.

3/50 The Venice Foursquare church, pastored by Rev. Ruth Grace, recently purchased asphalt tile for the floor of the church, remodeled the platform, enlarging it by several feet, and bought lovely new seats for the main auditorium. Dr. Dorrance dedicated them on a recent Sunday night in a service in which two girls were saved, one of whom received the baptism in the Holy Spirit before leaving that night. The Lord also manifested' his presence by healing several for whom prayer was offered.

12/51 Venice Marion Ruth Grace, pastor of our Venice church reports 'nine saved in a recent revival held by Evangelist and Mrs. Dick Plium, and 15 were reclaimed.

8/55 Victories in Venice Rev. Lora Barret, Sunday School superintendent of the Venice (Calif.) church submits some facts to show the recent surge of interest in this department of the work: Since the first of the year, attendance, new converts and finances have increased steadily. Attendance aver ages are as follows: January, 82; February, 113; March, 137; April :153, May, 114. A contest, "Zooming Through Space," was conducted during April and May, with the school divided between Reds and Blues, each with a space ship endeavoring to reach a different. planet every Sunday. Side with the largest number of new pupils present advanced the most rapidly. The six week contest ended Easter with a record breaking attendance of 210. Total visitors were 98, and average of 17 each Sunday; total enrollment, 56. Sunday School missionary offerings thus far have almost doubled the amount given for the entire year of 1954. New equipment and facilities have been provided since Rev. and Mrs. W. Dick Meyers assumed the pastorate in Venice several months ago. Four benches and six tables have been added to the Primary and Be ginner departments, and the church auditorium has been divided into six new class rooms. The Venice Sunday ,School can now accommodate 200.

11/56 Venice, California Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Meyers, with their progressive people are remodeling the present church building, adding a second story which will provide a pastor's apartment as well as Sun day school class rooms.

12/61 Rev. Dick Mills held a two week campaign in the Venice, Calif. church which, according to Pastor W. D. Meyers resulted in seven conversions, three Holy Spirit baptisms, and eight water baptisms.

4/63 Rev. Elvin Swanson reports a fine revival in Venice, Calif. with Pastor W. Dick Meyers, with four saved, two reclaimed, and excellent attendances.

1/74 Lee E. McClaflin was serving as co-pastor with his wife, Lucille, in Venice,

5/80 Reverend Lucille McClaflin Honored for Faithful Ministry Having graduated from L.I.F.E. Bible College in 1942, Rev. Lucille McClaflin has faithfully pastored several Foursquare churches over the past 32 years. Thirteen of those years of ministry were spent as pastor of the Venice, California Foursquare Church. In honor of her willingness to serve so faithfully in the ministry, a beautiful plaque was presented to her at a recent Southern California District Minister's meeting. Supervisor Paul E. Jones comments, "She has been loved and appreciated by all of us!"